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Alex Mika

Telling stories one word, frame, and sound at a time. 


January 12, 2021!


“Of all the creatures roaming Earth today, I would have never guessed that birds are the dinosaurs’ closest relatives. I always assumed that lizards and iguanas carried the family torch, but on a recent visit to a farm, it finally made sense to me. Look
into the eyes of a chicken and tell me you don’t see the shadow of a velociraptor.”


By examining dinosaurs and the asteroid that made an impact on their lives, Alex and the Dinosaur Prints explores the personal process of growing up, finding one’s voice and seeking a meaningful life. It features facts (all dinosaurs laid eggs), speculations (is the T-Rex the dinosaur version of Rambo?), and a ruined pair of pants (pockets are not for storing tree sap).


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Mika pens a very creative type of memoir in Alex and the Dinosaur Prints. This is the first book of this author's that I've read. It's a fast read [...] riddled with humor and creativity, as well as imagination.

4 out of 5 stars

Alex Mika captures a spirit for conveying non-fiction which I haven’t seen the like of since the glory days of Terry Deary and the Horrible Histories series. [...] Overall, I would highly recommend Alex and the Dinosaur Prints for young readers to pick up again and again.

5 out of 5 stars

Alex and the Dinosaur Prints is a one-of-a-kind book. [...] The writing is funny, informative, and nostalgic at the same time. Elements of the author’s creative process come in, and the writing comes alive with poems and recipes and funny little illustrations.

4 out of 5 stars

Amy Shannon,
Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

K.C. Finn,

Readers' Favorite

Shrav Rao

Reedsy Discovery

About this website: 

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What happens when you work as a one-man production team to tell stories through books, music, travel films, comic shorts, and everything in between? You don’t get much sleep, but you do get this website, where I'll be compiling all of my work in a single place (as opposed to the mountains of flash drives, sticky notes, and random scraps of receipts that have taken complete control over my desk). I hope you enjoy! 


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New Song!

"Fly Me to the Moon" is one of my favorite songs, and my friend MJR and I have wanted to record and release a cover of this jazz standard for nearly three years. For one reason or another, life would get in the way, and we began to joke that we would have to wait to play this song in the "big gig in the sky." Luckily, we didn't have to wait, and the final result of our efforts will be released May 29, 2021! 

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